Sunday, 9 August 2015

A Treat

Since my birthday is on the 13th, I decided to treat myself to a new 

"Lily of the Valley" 
Rachel Anderson
This design caught my eye and reminded me of the lily of the valley that grew in my Mom's garden when I was a youngster. I can remember the delicate vase Mom would always put the flowers into and the fragrance, just lovely.
Although there is quite alot of green, I don't mind since that is my favourite colour. 
Now to hint to the men of the house that the floss would be the ideal birthday gift!
If you missed it, HaED is having a 35% off sale gong on right now.


  1. Beautiful design. Can hardly wait to see it morph 😉

  2. Oh, this is so beautiful! I look forward to seeing it stitched up!

  3. Lovely design! Early happy birthday :-)

  4. I love this much that I own it! I haven't started it yet, so looking forward to seeing yours. And happy birthday in advance:)

  5. This is a beautiful design and a lovely birthday treat. Happy Birthday for the 13th, you are Leo like me.

  6. Happy Birthday for today! So many friends and family have birthdays this month and next. It's a very busy time for cards for me.

  7. Lovely choice! And happy belated birthday last year and this year :) My son's birthday is the 13th too :)