Thursday, 18 June 2015

Forward ho

I finally shed a little light on this piece and, last evening, added the "r, a, d & t" at the right!
I must admit, it felt wonderful just stitching away for an hour or so. 
 The Mr. is off to pick up our grandchildren in Calgary this morning so I'll have today and tomorrow to happily work away in peace and quiet.  Our grands are staying for a month long visit so I'm not sure just how much I'll accomplish but it will be relaxing when I do have the opportunity!


  1. Hey at least you are stitching again. Enjoy your grandchildren.

  2. All stitches equal great progress! Get lots of stitching done and enjoy your time with your grandbabies.

  3. Gresat that you have found your stitching mojo again.
    Have a lot of fun with your grand-children.

  4. I hope you enjoyed your time with your grandbabies!! And your r,a,d and t look great :)